Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thing #23

I'm done!
And I got so excited about blogging that I set up a new blog-Likes and Dislikes, the digital version of my paper zine. Here it is: http://likesanddislikeszine.blogspot.com/
It is all the things I like and dislike.
I am much more excited and knowledgeable about Library 2.0 now. Before it was sort of a hazy idea, but it doesn't really exist until you participate in it. I feel more able to engage in discussions and debates about L2, and it's not as scary or as abstract.
My favorite things were: learning about RSS feeds, discovering and becoming addicted to del.icio.us, and learning to mess with photos. I've been telling everyone I know about these tools, esp. del.icio.us. I didn't really feel like I connected with others. It was nice to have two people comment on my blog, and once in a while I peeked at other people's blogs, but I don't really have time.
I guess I wasn't expecting to love technology this much. I've always kind of seen it as a hassle, or as unnecessary. I live in the 19th century. Seriously. I am a blast from the past. I belong at Hymie's Haberdashery. Getting sundries.
I thought the format worked great-although it was hard for me to figure out what library network I'm a part of, because my library isn't a public one, or one that people even know about that much.
I like that it was set up like a blog so people could see what blogs look like if they're just getting started. I also like the news emails. I would definitely do the 23 more things on a stick. 23 days later. 23 things redux. 23 things part II. 23 Things: The Final Countdown.
Here is your free advertising phrase: I accidentally learned I was having so much fun.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thing #22

Ok, here is my resolution to keep blogging. But I feel it is forced. I've been back and forth about blogging in general lately. It was all because I was showing my mom the 23 things, so she could learn about RSS feeds, and del.icio.us etc. And she couldn't grasp a blog. "Like, could anyone write a blog? Who wants to read that?" And I said...no one. Is that true? How much time to people spend finding and reading blogs of people they'll never meet? I'm not sure how I feel about blogging. I am not a natural PR person, and don't like saying, come to my show, read my blog, ego ego. So how do people get blog readers? Is this really the world's most pressing problem?
That whole list of other resources is boggling or should I say bloggling my mind.
I won't be able to get away from Library 2.0, which is fine with me.
I think my dog is an Aquarius, like me. I got a new book called, "What Sign is Your Pet" and judging from the self-quiz, and reading through the profiles, I think she is. And I like to be surrounded by Aquarians (so few and far between) and Aquarius ideals (working together, community). Which is how I see Library 2.0. What will Library 3.0 be? I hope it involves the Jetsons. Or at least some of the tools featured in the future.
A way to keep up on what? Library tools? I just listen to gossip at Palmers about libraries, talk to other librarians, and see what the talk is on the digests of mailing lists I am on but almost never participate on. Sometimes I want to hide in my cave and not participate in anything, but most of the time I do. That's what I get for being a photographer that grew up in the darkroom.
Enough about that. These 23 things have been quite a ride.

Thing #21

I don't like this whole Ning thing. I can't figure out how to use any widgets on my blog, and I don't really want to comment on someone's page that is only doing it for the 23 things. I don't feel like it's easy to maneuver or do I see what the point of it is.
I am a member of GoodReads, but about a week after I signed up for it, I didn't go to the site anymore. I only have so much time.
I get kind of burnt out on social networking. I don't want to be "networking" allll the time. I am a little tired of this whole "everyone is so special" phase the whole world is in right now. Whatever happened to anonymity of the common man/woman?
I also joined Crafter a million years ago but forgot about it. Sometimes I like doing crafts more than reading about them. But lately I've been watching Vincent Price movies on the couch with my dog and bf.The woman that started Craftster is a great Boston craft supporter. She started a store-Magpie. The first store to ever take my zines for consignment.
I am all full up on social networking lately, so probably won't take too much time on these sites. Social networking sites are like food obsessions for me-they're all I can think about for about 2 weeks, then drop them and forget them completely. When someone mentions them, I look back on my time spent on them nostalgically, but don't intend to make them my stomping grounds again.
Do you know what I will always be devoted to? Positively 3rd St. Bakery's cookies and bread. Yum.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Thing #20

Well, I've been Myspacing for some time now and have finally figured out how to use Facebook. I thought it was just for college people, which I am again now, but never could figure out how to use it. All those applications!
I also had a Friendster acct a long time ago but never check my acct anymore. It's kind of hard to find groups to join on Facebook I feel. What is the difference between groups and networks?
I am a member of the Belfry Center group, Red Hot Art Festival, MLIS at St. Kate's: the Best MLIS Program in Minnesota,Sexy Spring Collective,Facebook should have other gender options: Official Petition,BOBCATSSS 2008, Lovers of Letterpress, and Arise!. And while I was making this list I joined Paper Magazine's group. And Zinesters.
I joined these groups because they're places/things/events I'm interested in and keep up to date and talk to other people about the same things.
I can see why Facebook is the most popular social networking site. It feels like there's an application for everything and not only is it a great way to waste time, but you can see how all your friends are wasting their time.
I do like how libraries are using Myspace. I set up an acct for the Bat Annex library a while ago and we've gotten so many donations through the visibility it gave us... A library Myspace makes people think the library is cool and with it. And there is the blogging feature, posts, etc so you can let a lot of people know what's going on at once. Plus there is this non-threatening feel to Myspace, like you can be silly and not so serious and people will think the library is a fun place and not square.
I do wish LibraryThing would work more on its promised widget to be able to search the catalog right on Myspace. I'll continue adding friends, esp. ones in other states or like-minded organizations. It's nice to see how many libraries are using Myspace. The Papercut Zine Library in Cambridge, Mass uses Myspace to let us know their hours, events that are going on, and shows that are happening. And new zines they've got in. They've also got a traditional website, but their Myspace page probably gets a lot more action.

Thing #19

Well this computer I'm on doesn't really have any features so it's pretty hard to get the podcast of MPR's "In the Loop" radio show I am a fan of. I think I need itunes. Which means I'll have to go over to a friend's house to listen to this podcast. Ohhh technology...
Ok, I got it. I listened to that podcast. It was sooooo good.
Of the directories, I thought the MN Podcast was really disorganized and hard to look at. It's hard to know what podcast to listen to on Podcast.net or .com. It is cool that teachers can create podcasts for their students. With all this new technology people with different learning styles might be getting their day. Lots of people learn visually and audibly, not through reading or writing. And with all these podcasts, Youtube videos, etc. they can learn things another way.
But anyway, back to podcasts.
I probably won't listen to many podcasts. I am too addicted to plain old NPR. It's hard to decide which podcast to listen to. I really only listen to things that aren't cds or records when I'm driving (blechh) or cooking or cleaning. Otherwise I've got the turntable going. But if for some reason I had all this free time, it would be fun to make a podcast. This frog blog is keeping me busy enough.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thing #18

Oh, believe me, I've already "discovered" YouTube.
I heard a funny piece on NPR about how UTube, some manufacturer for some piece of something is constantly getting nasty calls and emails from people trying to find YouTube. Their website couldn't handle all the traffic and it was a full time job just deflecting people looking for funny videos of dogs or old Bruce Springsteen videos, like that one where Courtney Cox gets pulled up on stage and dances with the Boss. These are all gems I've discovered on YouTube.
I am thrilled to see the March of the Librarians using the classic Europe tune "The Final Countdown." Fine peice of music, that is. But I don't know why that video got so much circulation. It wasn't that great. And all the librarians were middle aged white women.

Embedding this video of Howlin Wolf was really easy.
I don't have any attention for video, which maybe explains why I haven't become as immersed in the YouTube craze as I could. That goes for video art too. Even if it's the most exciting thing in the world, I can't watch it for very long.
I chose this video obviously because Howlin Wolf was the coolest. I had absolutely no issue at all using this site. It is so easy. It's amazing how much pointless blabber occurs in the comments section of each video. Wow.
I would really love to make a video of our library. A wild dance party in the library would definately get me interested.

Thing #17

EBSCO's page composer isn't blowing my mind. I really don't like their format to begin with,and I don't feel like making tiny web pages is a business EBSCO really needs to be in.
I didn't find Gale/Cenage learning at all. Am I blind?
The ProQuest tool was pretty cool, but if I were someone else, I wouldn't want articles mailed to me all the time. It's enough getting the clippings mailed to you by your grandma, isn't it?
NetLibrary's notes tool was pretty cool, but I don't really know why I'd use it.
Sometimes I feel like all these tools are just being invented and promoted because people can,not because they'll really make our lives easier. I think people just want to say,look at this other tool. Tools are great, but if it takes more time to use it than it would to do it the old fashioned way, they're not worth very much.